What is sustainability maturity?

Sustainability maturity is a management approach developed by essensus to support companies in the integration of sustainability into product development in a consistent and systematic manner, ensuring competitive advantage and sustainable growth.

It builds upon a systematized set of hundreds of best practices, including concepts such as ecodesign, eco-innovation, sustainable design, circular economy, life cycle engineering, life cycle thinking, cradle-to-cradle , social innovation, shared value creation and product/service-systems.

Sustainability maturity establishes the learning process to be followed by the organization, step-by-step. Having the basis is essential and key to ensure that there will be a strong foundation for a consistent implementation in the long term.

Companies mature by improving their capabilities for the integration of sustainability into product development. Sustainability maturity is based on five capability levels that goes from the incomplete and ad hoc application of the best practices to a continuous improved application.

Sustainability maturity is directly related to how systematic is the integration of sustainability into product development. The higher the maturity profile of a company, the more systematic is their approach for the integration of sustainability into business, product development and related processes.

The improvement of sustainability maturity leads to the development of products with increased sustainability performance across the entire portfolio, which will, in its turn, mature the company’s abilities to sustain in the long-term.

How to manage sustainability maturity?

Managing sustainability maturity requires a continuous improvement process that goes from the identification of the current maturity profile, to the definition of strategic goals and roadmaps, implementation of the defined projects and monitoring of their evolution over time – in many cycles as needed to keeping improving the maturity to desired levels.

Companies mature constantly over time in order to increase their abilities to integrate sustainability into product development, and grasp the business opportunities related to that. Leading companies from a number of sectors such as Philips, LEGO Group, Embraer and Coloplast are already engaged to mature their abilities to sustain.

Maturing your abilities to sustain

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